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Merry Maids Reviews

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  • Merry Maids move-out cleaning

    I scheduled Merry Maids to complete the move-out cleaning for my home in Surrey. They advised that they washed the floors, cupboards, counters, etc. A team of 3 ladies showed up and each took a section of the home, with one acting as 'team leader'. Before they left and as they were loading up their equipment, I was asked to sign off on the work. Fair enough, but I was also busy and did a quick check of the work completed, based primarily on the largest section of the house which was done well. However, after they had left, I needed to check the cupboards further at the back... More...
    FrancesR's Picture   FrancesR    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids Knoxville, TN

    We had Merry Maids clean out house 11 times in which every third time we had to change cleaners because they did such a poor job. If you want thorough cleaning don't call them. The dust just superficially and if they happen to move anything they don't dust the object they move and then do not put it back in the proper place. They don't vacuum under beds or furniture. If it is in the middle of the floor and they can trip on it they might vacuum there but don't count on it. The main thing they are concerned about is that you pay them and not whether or not you are happy.... More...
    etpcdrj's Picture   etpcdrj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids - Waukesha, WI

    I have had Merry Maids cleaning my home for about 3-4 months now and I have had great experiences with each of the teams that come to clean. I am so pleased with the work done and the attention to detail. Several team members have shown excellent professionalism, friendliness and attention to details that I never expected them to do! One team cleaned my trash cans in the bathrooms and kitchen. Another team cleaned my dirty dishes that were sitting in the sink - and an especially grungy pan that now sparkles! I'm so delighted with Merry Maids located in Waukesha! Very attentive to the... More...
    CKing's Picture   CKing    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids "Cleaning a house is too much work"

    We hired Merry Maids and had them come out three times. All the family made there own beds, dishes were done. Just dusting, sweeping and mopping. We had different cleaning girls every time. One group spoke no English at all and completely misunderstood when I tried to explain what was needed (again). Third time the girls were cleaning and the manager called to tell us that the house was too much work, taking too long and they could no longer clean it. What? I thought that is what you were hired to do, work! So we will go back to hiring an independent More...
    tracyvdw's Picture   tracyvdw    0 Comments   Comments

    MTANNOR's Picture   MTANNOR    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids cleaning quality and customer service very good!

    Wow! My husband and I have been a customer of Merry Maids on a biweekly basis for just under 3 years now. There certainly are some negative reviews on this site, but in three years and with 4 of my neighbors also using merry maids in Maine, we have NEVER had an issue that wasn't solved right away by the office or the cleaning team. This is why we originally hired merry maids because we didn't want the headache of using a random person with no or poor insurance, personal drama that inhibits reliability, and poor quality cleaning supplies and equipment. We use only high end green... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Merry Maids triple no-show

    We are very disappointed with the complete lack of service provided by Merry Maids In Port Coquitlam, BC. They committed to arriving between 9 and 9:30 am for a 1.5-2 hour cleaning job. Timing was extremely sensitive and important to us as we have young children who nap and carpet cleaners scheduled for the afternoon. They actually arrived at 8:45 am and informed us that "it would be better" if they cleaned our suite later in the day. Merry Maid knew this and insisted a later time would be okay and that they'd call in a third person to ensure they'd be done before... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    BethRoy's Picture   BethRoy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service & probable theft

    Merry Maids are the worse! Incompetent & probable thieves. I was promised a "deep cleaning" not only did it take them two tries to even get to my house, they did nothing more than clean the counters. When I complained, they inconvenienced me further by having a team come out. It took them 4 tries total & the whole day to do what should have been done the 1st time. Their 2 subsequent cleanings were so poor, I fired them. About this time I noticed my pain meds were missing. I have no proof it was them but no other strangers were in my home & I've never had a... More...
    Jeaneanne's Picture   Jeaneanne    1 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids does very poor cleaning

    I originally wanted to have them come in the afternoon and you told me that they wouldn't be available after 12 or 1 pm. Due to that, I had my walk thru and closing scheduled for 10 and 11 am so they could come by noon. They never came until after 2. I had to have them redo several areas that they supposedly cleaned (there were wads of hair in the drawer of the bathroom vanity and dirt in the kitchen drawers). After that I didn't get back to my place for a couple of days (I wasn't living there yet). At that time I went into the laundry room which they "cleaned" and... More...
    mariang's Picture   mariang    0 Comments   Comments
  • They give back to community

    I run a non-profit agency in Maine that helps working families who are going through rough times. I felt compelled to share this review online because I have been so impressed with Merry Maids eagerness to help and get involved in this community. They consistently offer free cleans to these families, and this pay it forward, community based mentality is so inspiring to me as I watch dozens of families touched by their free deep cleans. This is a great company to support. When my husband returns to work I plan on having Merry Maids clean my house on a biweekly basis! More...
    (Home Improvement)
    servicemind's Picture   servicemind    0 Comments   Comments
  • Best Cleaning Company in our area by far

    I am writing this review because I feel it is important for those reading online reviews to know that my experience with Merry Maids has been wonderful. In fact, I have used 2 other cleaning companies over the past decade, and for the last 2 years my experience with Merry Maids in Maine has been far superior. The cleaning quality is very good, sometimes not perfect, but never to the point where I feel the need to contact the office. I get the same two women each visit, unless one is ill or on vacation, in which case they have called me at home and asked if it is ok to send someone new that... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    shawneeskimom's Picture   shawneeskimom    0 Comments   Comments
  • pooor cleaning and jewelry disappeared

    I sed Merry maids for a few months and I would not recommend them to anyone. After a good beginning their work deteriorated progressively. I found out that he maids are mandated to spend less than two ours at anyone's home, and their cleaning is at best careless and at worst not existent. They claim that they will send the maids back if you complain, but they have never done that when I brought up with them things that were missing. They claim to be insured against breakage and theft but it is quite deceiving. They broke a unique piece of glass sculpture at my house and the maids... More...
    equinozio9's Picture   equinozio9    0 Comments   Comments
  • Annoyed and Pissed & I didn;teven get a cleaning

    It started last week, when I call them to have someone come out this Thursday. (by the way I don't remember who the other woman was that I spoke to, but the woman in question is Bobbi) I was told they could fit me in Thursday, & I said that was fine because my husband was with his unit in Fort Knox, Kentucky getting some training done with some reservist for two weeks. I've told them that I was unable to do anything but Thursdays and Sundays because of my work schedule & I would have to put in a request to get anything else off and that it was way too late of a notice to... More...
    ArmyWife0608's Picture   ArmyWife0608    0 Comments   Comments
  • Overcharged for VERY Subpar Cleaning

    The Merry Maids of Yorba Linda decided to charge me a full two hours without my consent for an extremely subpar cleaning. I talked to them immediately after service to detail the poor service I received. They said they would be calling me back. Hopefully to discuss some kind of resolution. Not only did they not call back, they went ahead and charged for the second hour. This was very unprofessional considering the VERY poor cleaning I received. They only dusted select items and did a terrible job at that. They even had the nerve to "mop" my floor without vacuuming. The... More...
    LPC967's Picture   LPC967    0 Comments   Comments
  • home cleaning

    Several years ago I had Merry Maids service and I was robbed. Before I left for work, I hid a diamond tennis necklace so they wouldn't be tempted. Immediately upon my arrival from work I went to put the necklace away and it was gone. I got a sick feeling and felt I would never see again. I called their office and they told the contact says that I had to see them take it so the contract is useless. I called the police because it a very expensive diamond tennis necklace and they told the same thing. My husband was so upset but I was more so since it was an anniversary present. As for... More...
    emerritt10's Picture   emerritt10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids - AVOID ANY CONTRACTS!!!

    Merry Maids hooked me in to a long contract, verbally promising that I could get out of it after a few visits, after I had made up for their super-duper first cleaning that they gave me at a seriously reduced rate. NOT TRUE. AVOID any contract signing with them. After twice monthly cleanings and thousands of dollars later with a registered complaint about every other cleaning then a cancellation, they have billed my CC for $500 for the final 3 cleanings. AGAIN - do not sign up with Merry Maids in Western Washington State. More...
    finneycumber's Picture   finneycumber    0 Comments   Comments
  • My team is great

    " Riley and Liz just left our home and after 3 years with Merry Maids we couldnt be more pleased. Their attention to detail and cleaning methods are the best I have ever seen. I am a business owner myself, so I am very picky about how I spend my money! I search after every biweekly clean for something missed and rarely ever find anything. If I do find something, it is only minor, and they make it up to me the next clean if I bring it to their attention. The contact with the office is excellent, and I love knowing that I am supporting a Maine family owned company that gives so much back... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    runskiswim's Picture   runskiswim    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids in Maine is the best!

    Attention to detail. Professional staff. The same team each time. Bonded and insured. Great contact with the office! My husband and I are so happy with Merry Maids. We have been customers since 2009, and before this service we had a private cleaner. What attracted us to Merry Maids initially was their reputation as being # 1, the fact that they are bonded and insured, and their involvement in the community here in Scarborough and Cape. We heard about them while they were doing one of their free deep cleans for a struggling Maine family (they had just lost their son and the cleaning team... More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • Merry Maids of Maine

    We use the Scarborough, Maine Merry Maids and our cleaning team just left after a scheduled weekly cleaning at our home. We have always been blown away by the care and consideration the team has for our home, always doing something extra to please us. Their attention to detail is excellent, and because we have used other companies, including an independent cleaner (never use one-buyer beware!), we know what to look for. I recommend Merry Maids to those looking for a reliable service that delivers quality each visit. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    capesoccer's Picture   capesoccer    0 Comments   Comments

    MERRY MAIDS SUCKS FOR A REASON. Their service is so bad, because they treat the maids like slaves! Say you pay Merry Maids 140.00 to come and clean....The maid will only end up seeing 20-40.00. Depending on the area of course. They pay their maids in Memphis like this; say u pay 100.00 the maid automatically gets 30% taken out for supplies off the top. That leaves the payroll price of 70.00, The employee then only makes 35% of that 70. which leaves them. That gives them a whole $24.50 to spend 3 hours cleaning your house. How good og a job would you do at 8 dollars an hour? If they prefer... More...
    SGRHIGH's Picture   SGRHIGH    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible service Honolulu

    I have been using the service every week. Two weeks ago the maids opened the door and let my dog out of the property. One of the neighbor found my dog injured. It looks like my dog had an accident. I took him to the vet and found his tail broken. I contacted the office but they never called me back. I told them I have two dogs in the house when they came to the house for the estimate. They have it on file. I paid $493.20 to the vet for x-ray, medication and the office visit. No calls from Merry Maids so far. More...
    kira's Picture   kira    0 Comments   Comments

    I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. I was so excited to come home and my place be spotless. I walk in to find the floors and bathrooms hadn't been cleaned, the base boards hadn't been washed down, the cob-webs in the corners hadn't been vacuumed. When I called to ask for them to return, they scheduled an appointment and then forgot to come the first day, and then said they had "scheduling problems" the second day. When they finally came to clean the floors, they washed the hardwood and never dried them! More...
    clifford's Picture   clifford    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor service, inconsistent cleaning

    I entered into a bi-weekly agreement with Merry Maids to clean my 1700 sf home in Colorado. I negotiated the price down to $210/mo as they were only cleaning about 900 sf. The service was incredibly inconsistent. I was repeatedly told they were on "hands and knees" cleaning my floors but had to point out THREE times an area that went uncleaned behind a toilet and dirt/dust on baseboards. I was also told they use a "top to bottom, left to right" technique to ensure nothing was missed. Areas went un-dusted and items were unmoved, barely dusted around. My curtain rod was... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    volcomknm's Picture   volcomknm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Outraged by Merry Maids

    We were excited and incredibly grateful to have Merry Maids clean our house for the first time this past Tuesday and immediately agreed to a bi-weekly cleaning schedule for $300/month. I was so thrilled to immediately walk around my house and see how well everything was cleaned. I opened the microwave door to look inside, and the top piece of it fell on the floor. It looks like the plastic holding the 2 screws had been somehow broken. Yesterday my husband contacted Merry Maids in Raleigh, and they asked for pictures, agreeing to pay to have the part replaced after they had a chance to... More...
  • Would not recommend -Salt Lake City area

    I have contracted with Merry Maids for a year and am on my fifth bi-monthly cleaning. I have them come on a Saturday because I have dogs andwant to be here to supervise. With my signed contract! I received a list of tasks the crew would perform each tine. To date, the list of tasks has yet to be completed and often, the work is shoddy at best. The first few tines they cleaned, i was ubconfortable making an inspection of their work and asking for specific jobs to be completed. During this last visit, i pulled out the list of "every time" jobs and wrnt over everything before they... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Aharding's Picture   Aharding    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids in Rogers, Arkansas very bad!

    We called several cleaning services and decided to go with the Merry Maids since for whatever reason their price was the lowest, which kind of baffled my husband and I. We were quoted $160 to clean our home. Everything the woman said they would do,....was basically "untouched." My 12 yr. old granddaughter could have done a better job. They did not mop any of our tile floors. The living room was not even dusted. My kitchen counters still had crumbs, etc. Very, very poor service. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    sweetT12's Picture   sweetT12    0 Comments   Comments
  • What a rip off!!

    This was the worst experience ever. I hired Merry Maids to come clean my home and was charged $180 for them to basically clean my shower. I left specific instructions to start with my bathroom and kitchen because they needed the most work, then to move into the family room, bedrooms and if there was time to go into the rec room. The only thing in my bathroom was left clean was my shower. The floors were still dirty. The base of the toilet was not even touched and the toilet seat was also left dirty. The floors in my kitchen were not fully cleaned, there were crumbs left behind on my... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    always2chula's Picture   always2chula    0 Comments   Comments
  • On a 1-10 for cleaning, Merry Maids gets a "5". I was very disapointed!

    When the rep came out to go over what I wanted done and made notes of it on the form and gave me the estimate, I realized that I asked special things be done but I was willing to pay the $130 ( 4 rooms 830 sq. ft) They did not sweep the porch as noted. They cleaned the inside of the microwave but not the inside ceiling. A chest in the kitchen on legs approx. 8-10 "was not included in the vacumning, sweeping or mopping underneath. The bathtub looked as if it had been just wiped down and not given a full cleaning. They were to use a wood floor refresher for the wood floors in 2 rooms.... More...
    Dexter1217's Picture   Dexter1217    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids, Morris County NJ, subpar work.

    I have been using Merry Maids in Morris County NJ for about a year. I have almost fired them several times, but I finally did a few days ago when they broke my window shade for the second time, and left several dents in my walls after an especially unsatisfactory cleaning appointment. After speaking with the office about being reimbursed for this loss, I was told that the girls said they didn't break the shade. Basically, the office did not believe me that I didn't break my own shade. They told me that the girls who come to my house were the best they have, that's not... More...
  • Merry Maids in Temecula/Murrieta wasted my time and money.

    The staff of MM came to my home and quoted the time and cost to do a one time cleaning on my home. On the day of cleaning, two older (slow moving) maids showed up and didn't finish the job within their contracted time. They left with an unfinished job, forcing me to pay for more time so they can finish. In addition, the vacuum they used was a cheap nock-off with a dirty filter and little suction. They were going through the motion of vacuuming, but it wasn't picking up anything. If you still choose to do business with this company, agree upon a set price AND that the agreed work... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    HonestAbe01's Picture   HonestAbe01    0 Comments   Comments
  • referral

    Our regular cleaning team just left and rather than filling out a card management encouraged me to respond online. We have been very pleased with merry maids over the course of our 4 years with the company. We have had an independent in the past, but due to unreliability, drama, and a lack of insurance, we decided to try merry maids. Our family in Arkansas has them and love them. We also have 4 other homes in our neighborhood that use merry maids for biweekly service, and as far as I have heard everyone is extremely happy as well. What we love is the attention to detail and the... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    hrussell's Picture   hrussell    1 Comments   Comments

    DO NOT APPLY!!! This a horrible place to work. I don't know how they have been in business for so long. The owners need to put security cameras so they can see how it's ran and mabe visit more then just once a week to shop online for 3 hours and leave. We clean 5 or more houses a day in a team of 2 how can customers expect a good job everytime? especially the last house of the day. On top of that when a team get's done with 5 houses they most of the time have to go help another team get finished with there houses, feeling forced to work overtime when it's a % based pay... More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
    Mighty86's Picture   Mighty86    2 Comments   Comments
  • Great Job

    Love to come home to a clean house every week! We love our team, contact with the office, and the company as a whole. Have used other companies and an independent and the quality is far superior with merry maids. They are not always perfect and have missed things in the past, but they always come back to fix it or make it up to me. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    aztec's Picture   aztec    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids is a rip off

    I just had someone come out from Merry Maids and the lady did absolutely nothing!! She didnt clean the counter tops, she didnt clean the microwave, she didnt sweep the floors, she didnt mop the floors, she didnt do anything but talk on the phone the whole time she was here... She sprayed some liquid or water on the toilet seat and went down into my basement and vacuumed where once again she was on the phone the whole time!! I called the office and they said she told them we were doing illegal activities is why she left early!! WTF!! I called the representatives and offered to take pics of... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    HAILEYTW's Picture   HAILEYTW    0 Comments   Comments
  • Far better quality of clean and service

    My husband and I are very happy with merry maids here in Maine. We have used both an independent (found out she had no insurance and no bonding!), and another large company. The large company we used prior to hiring merry maids over 13 months ago, would "rotate" rooms and various items. We found this both confusing and inconvenient for our busy lives. We also find the quality and the detail of merry maids to be far superor. The pricing of merry maids is about 10% higher, but we get about 40% more each clean! Highly recommend. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    lovetoski's Picture   lovetoski    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids - DO NOT USE IN DC AREA!

    I had a very bad experience with Merry Maids this past Monday in the Washington, DC area. Basically, the cleaners showed up 1.5 hours later. No one called me, I had to call the coordinator 3 times. That's after scheduling the job well in advance and stressing the importance of the timely clean. This is out rental unit and we had people moving in. It had been cleaned before and I needed Merry Maids to clean the blinds in a one bedroom apartment and door frames and wipe on top of the fridge. They barely touched anything. I stayed with them 10 mins and had to leave because they were late.... More...
    DCApartment's Picture   DCApartment    0 Comments   Comments
  • Merry Maids of Little Rock

    Purchased a Groupon for housecleaning with Merry Maids. I was told they would mops floors, dust base boards, and many other basic cleaning services. Nothing, not one area of my house was mopped. Base boards were not dusted. At the in home consultation I had expressed how important it was to mop the floors. My husband usually does this, but he has been sent to Pakistan for 2 years. When I complained I was told that a manager would be contacting me. Well, no one ever called. At that point I complained on the Merry maids website. This was over a month ago. Still haven't received a... More...
    kittkatt11276's Picture   kittkatt11276    0 Comments   Comments
  • House keeping

    I do not recommend merry maids in east ridge. I have personal experience working for the company myself and would like to say the boss Bill Bowers is rude. The secretary does not speak very good English and can not do most of the paperwork her job requires her to do. I personally know that Bill has broken promises made to the customers. As a maid i have seen what is done in the houses and would like to say that Bill does not care of the quality provided to the customers as long as they don't complain and he gets his money. The bare minimum is done in order to keep customers happy. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    nevada92's Picture   nevada92    0 Comments   Comments
  • Home Cleaning Service

    August 01, Wouldn't you know they showed up at 1:38 instead of 2PM. But at Least they did and were not no show like twice prior. I immediately set the timer for 60 minutes in the kitchen. They brought their own cleaning stuff including a vacuum. I asked them to clean guest and our bathroom, vacuum in dining/living room and den and clean kitchen floor including the hallway and guest bathroom floor. They think they can do that in 40 minutes or so. Well if time is left please sweep the garage floor. I am sitting in the den and watch. Their vacuum does not pick up cat hair from the cats... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Audi's Picture   Audi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Home Cleaning Service

    July 31: Again Merry Maid were no show and we did not receive any phone calls of apologies. This is an Auction Item valued at $ 80.00 which my husband gotten for me to have some help prior to a Music Party at our home. Don't remember how much we paid for it, it was a fund raiser, but at this point I thought it worthless. So I called and left messages at Merry Maid. Also talked to the person in charge of receiving funds from that auction for the WVSO. About 4 hours later I did get a call from Tawnee Seals owner 4165 or merry maids. She had no clue what happened and that this was the 2nd... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Audi's Picture   Audi    0 Comments   Comments
  • home cleaning service

    Merry Maids 3rd time to get their service to clean home: August 01 Wouldn't you know they showed up at 1:38 instead of 2PM. I immediately set the timer for 60 minutes in the kitchen. They brought their own cleaning stuff including a vacuum. I asked them to clean guest and our bathroom, vacuum in dining/living room and den and clean kitchen floor including the hallway and guest bathroom floor. They think they can do that in 40 minutes or so. Well if time is left please sweep the garage floor. I am sitting in the den and watch. Their vacuum does not pick up cat hair from the cats... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Audi's Picture   Audi    1 Comments   Comments
  • Home Cleaning Service

    July 31 Again Merry Maid were no show and we did not receive any phone calls of apologies. This is an Auction Item valued at $ 80.00 which my husband gotten for me to have some help prior to a Music Party at our home. Don't remember how much we paid for it, it was a fund raiser, but at this point I thought it worthless. So I called and left messages at Merry Maid. Also talked to the person in charge of receiving funds from that auction for the WVSO. About 4 hours later I did get a call from Tawnee Seals owner 4165 or merry maids. She had no clue what happened and that this was the 2nd... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Audi's Picture   Audi    0 Comments   Comments
  • home cleaning

    MERRY MAIDs were NO SHOW!!!!! They never called, nor did they return my call, as I left messages to find out what happened. I had set a day aside for this before having surgery. A day later I called and got an excuse that a new girl pulled the paper off their board and therefore they could not get in touch with me. Funny thing, I had emailed them the direction to our home which included our name, address and phone number. I reschedule the cleaning for July 31 at 10 AM We gotten this gift certificate - a value of $ 80.00 - at an auction for our local Symphony Orchestra. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Audi's Picture   Audi    0 Comments   Comments

Merry Maids Reviews By Product

Merry Maids Comments

scott0883 says: (1 year ago)
We were selling our home and I had Merry Maids come to clean after foundation work. I had dust every wheres and let them know that on the phone before coming out to give me an estimate. The manager came out and called me and said, do you know that there is dust every wheres?? I should of known then that they had poor communication. I agreed on a price and they come out the day before the first showing. I had told them on the phone I needed the paneled walls polished, patio door cleaned inside and out, window above the sink in side and out too. We went to the home to check on their work, and nothing was done but simple cleaning. The manager had come out to check on their work before we got there and was sending a girl out to redo all the areas missed. He were never told this, so we had already gone to the store and purchased supplies to do the cleaning ourself. Then this lady shows up around 1 that day to do the work. She said several times that no one told her what to do. hummmm So you send your employees out with telling them what to do?. We had a large mirrored wall that they didn't clean very well, and the second girl polished the base boards and polished the mirror too. Anything in the floors besides dust they don't clean. Small sticker on the side of bathtub was still there afterwards. This job was over 350.00,,, I just gave up. If they couldn't clean your ceiling fans with the mop on a stick thing they used it didn't get cleaned, grease in kitchen was still on the fan. I would never them to anyone.

MerryMaidsGA says: (3 years ago)
Ok. I have read a lot of comments here today. I work for Merry Maids and I started out cleaning. I am now an office assistant. I've been here nearly 6 years. The thing that I know and understand about this industry as with any industry is that it is a thankless job. The customer's who are unhappy always speak louder and more often than those who enjoy & even love the service. That is the nature of people. Also, the only way to thrive and enjoy cleaning homes is to have a passion for it. As a cleaner if you do not have a heart for service you will not do well. No company intentionally hires people who do not have a good work ethic. Our office has cleaners who have been here 5 - 15 years. You have to go through 5 cleaners or more to get one good one. Unfortunately in the process there is collateral damage...customers. We strive to do it right the first time because we want to help & we want to come back. My advice is to communicate with the office or cleaner too tweak the service to your liking. We use Solo cleaners because they tend to take ownership of the home & clean it better each time. I love and I enjoy helping our customers…as does the majority of the staff. I’m sorry to the customer’s whose expectations were not met. I hope that you understand that cleaning homes is a difficult task because it’s so personal to each customer. We are invited into your home & when we disappoint we are rarely given a 2nd chance. I can’t speak for everyone…this is only in my opinion. Hope it helps.

NOTTOHAPPY says: (3 years ago)
We've just recently hired Merry Maids, and the 6 times they "cleaned" my house I had to call them back to finish what they started. My wife and I went through everything we wanted done every time, but they don't seem to understand. We told them one week not to forget to clean the top of the cabinets in the bathrooms, well they did that, but forgot to clean another parts of the room. There's other small stuff, but all that small stuff adds up in time. And it's the same two woman who come every other week!! We tried other companies and they are all the same, if I wasn't disabled and my wife didn't have to work 6 days a week, I would fire them all!!!

staindfan says: (4 years ago)
Very disappointed with the service. I have had to clean up twice after they had been. Clearly not cleaning my white goods,leaving them grimy and dusty. Bences in kitchen clearly not cleaned. Im going to go with another company.

yorkie says: (4 years ago)
I had Merry Maids come to my house due to construction work being done. My husband cannot be around dust due to him having a hear transplant 13 years ago. When they came both of us headed upstairs to escape from the dust and to clean the upstairs. When they were done they told us to look around to make sure everything was okay, they did a good job, but later on we went in the back room to find out late on theta night that they had taken a velour throw chocloate brown. My husband then called the office, and they refused that they took it, daa like they were going to say yes. Then they said your wife didn't looked good enought, like I am goingto look in a room that they had no business being in. We were thinking about them in the future but now NO WAY!! I plan to call the office again tonight after work

beezalah says: (4 years ago)
I had a HORRIBLE experience with Merry Maids in Little Rock, Arkansas on Dec 23, 2011. My mother was in the hospital and her house was VERY dirty. It was the ideal time for a deep clean. I had an agreement with Merry Maids for $225.75 to provide 2 people for 4 hours to do a deep clean at 9:00am. This was a big, dirty job. At 10:30am a 90 pound teenager arrived alone to do this job. I was horrified because due to no fault of her own, she was not going to be up to this challenge. I called the man who gave me the quote, Morris Hunter, who said he had not agreed to send 2 people, and that the girl was there to do 'the job' whether it took 2 hours or 6 hours. There was just no possibility that this delicate little woman had the strength and power to do what would have taken 2 strong people 4 hours to do. She left after 2.5 hours. She asked me if she had missed anything - and I showed her 2 areas to do further cleaning - but it was a useless situation - there wasn't much point in asking her to do more, if she couldn't see the incredible amount of dust and dirt still there. I just let her go. I called Morris immediately to express my extreme disappointment in this lost opportunity. He was defensive and asked a large range of questions designed to lay blame on me. He had quoted me $225.75 for one part of the house and an additional $38.70 to vacuum and dust 2 more rooms. I told him she had not done those additional 2 rooms and not to charge me for it, but he charged me anyway. And today I have another charge for $210.00 on my account. I have no idea why and will try to get them to remove that and the $38.70. They should charge me 1/2 of the original quote because that would be some approximation of the value I got. I have emailed the company through their website but have had no response. These people are TERRIBLE! Only use someone you have a personal recommendation for. I will NEVER use this company again.

wyattsmommy0908 says: (5 years ago)
Merry maids treats their employees terribly. Most of the time I make minimum wage when I am working myself to death. By the time they take out all of their charges the employees end up making $20 for 3-4 hours of work. I have also never seen a company go through so many employees so quickly. Within the past 2 months I have seen 6 girls out of 20 leave for better jobs. Shouldn't that tell the company something. I am leaving very soon because I can make more working fast food at this point. I have no clue how they expect people to live off the crap they pay.

mollyfan says: (5 years ago)
I have used Merry Maids twice and was not impressed by their service either time. The second visit was supposed to be a move out cleaning for my house, and the ticket was set up for four hours worth of service. They left after 3 hours; and I ended up having to finish the job despite the fact that I was temporarily disabled at the time and switching between a walker and cane to get around. The bathroom floor grout was not cleaned as requested; something as simple as dusting off the top of the hot water heater as requested was not done; and worst of all the bottom drawer of the oven still had a burned french fry in it and the inside of the oven had cleaning residue caked on it. Real estate agents expect your home to be spotless when you move out; hence the "move out" request service. I do not plan on using them again.

merrymaidsometims says: (5 years ago)
i worked for merry maids for close to 2 years and yes there are things that i didn't think should have gone on and at time was treated unfair at times, but who can really say they have never disagreed with some thing that was said or done at work, we'er human, and i'll be the 1st to say i have done things or said some thing i later wish i hadn't. but for the most part no one really wants to be unfair and miss treat people well i would hope they don't, i try to forgive and forget the nasty things and enjoy the good things, if you only focus on what has gone wrong or expect to be fairly treated every day then you would not notice the little things mean as much, sorry but i choose to enjoy the good and move on from the bad, not sit and complain but make a difference. but believe me some days its not easy when for 5 or 6 hours you have to hear how miserable someone else is,and all you want to say is shut the well you know what i mean.

merrymaidsometims says: (5 years ago)
i worked for merry maids for close to 2 years and yes there are things that i didn't think should have gone on and at time was treated unfair at times, but who can really say they have never disagreed with some thing that was said or done at work, we'er human, and i'll be the 1st to say i have done things or said some thing i later wish i hadn't. but for the most part no one really wants to be unfair and miss treat people well i would hope they don't, i try to forgive and forget the nasty things and enjoy the good things, if you only focus on what has gone wrong or expect to be fairly treated every day then you would not notice the little things mean as much, sorry but i choose to enjoy the good and move on from the bad, not sit and complain but make a difference. but believe me some days its not easy when for 5 or 6 hours you have to hear how miserable someone else is,and all you want to say is shut the well you know what i mean.

plonex84 says: (5 years ago)
I fell for the "we can do your house in 2 hours scam also". All I can say is.don't assume since they are a national company, that they won't rip you off. I was told my housed could esily be done in 2 hours, they ended up charging me for 3.5 hours and $140 more than the in home quote. On top of all that, they spilled something in my entry way that has left my entire house smelling like a barrel of perfume was poured in the carpet.

notsomerrymaid says: (5 years ago)
i worked for merry maids for 4 years. i was required to drive my own vehicle up to 150 miles per day, got paid below min wage, and worked my ass 6 days a week to make a paycheck of $175 if im lucky. John buckridge of merry maids in weathersfeild ct prays on elderly people.. raising there costs more because " they don't know it " this is unacceptable and ridiculous. DO NOT use his service. he rips off his employees and overcharges his customers.

nicoleh says: (5 years ago)
merry maids is a horrible company. They over charge customers and dont pay the girls anything. I previously worked for merry maids and they didnt pay us properly would pay us for less hours then we worked did not pay us back properly for gas and mileage. Equipment was broken and cleaner is awful. The reason most of these employees rush in a house is because they get paid a very very small comission the longer they are in a house the less money the make. If they charge a customer $385 the employees make about $35 for 5 or 6 hours. Barely min wage.

alwaysbroke says: (5 years ago)
I have worked for Mery Maids for 10+ years. I made really good money up until 3 years ago. I used to make $9 - &14 per hour average. Now I am barley making min. wage beacause they raised the sir charge 4 times without raising prices. They lowered our comissions and are working us to death. The only reason I am still with Merry Maids is because I have so much time invested and I need health ins. I do not recommend working for this company. They don't care at all about thier employees.

1MerryMaid says: (6 years ago)
I work for Merry Maids and the girls are paid well and the customers are satisfied. Ours is a corporate owned office. Maybe franchises are different. I love the company, I love the people we clean for. I used to clean but now I am a sales rep and I loved both aspects. Sorry to the ones who weren't happy. I would try another office.

exmaerrymaid says: (6 years ago)
Ok after working at this bad cleaning company solong i thought it was time to do something about it. After the owner ran off with all the money and SOLD the customer list to another company for thousands of dollars since they were "happy regulars" I thought I would open my own cleaning biz! I am happy to say I have 100% satisfation in the portland area and some very clean houses!!!!!!

popechickle says: (6 years ago)
Marry Maid is a thorough scam. The customers get ripped off, the employees get ripped off even harder. My girlfriend recently cleaned a Merry Maid employees home and because this person was a manager the two "maids" cleaning received 8.50/hr to clean a 4+ bedroom house! Here in California i can stand on a corner holding a sign and get paid more. Also, they completely ignore injury and safety risks on the job. Each employee is exposed to countless cleaning chemicals on a daily basis and 1 in 4 cleaning teams has face masks. Here is the breakdown of how they charge a customer/employee: Estimate based on requests/special needs(it's usually close to what they charge you..) Then after "fees" are deducted from the amount paid there is about a 80% chuck left, half of this chunk goes straight to the "office" aka the franchise owner. A percentage of WHATS LEFT (usually only 20% per "team member") goes towards the maids paychecks. The rest is divided among the managers for their paychecks. Heres an example of how their commission system is a joke. My girlfriend cleaned a 4+ BEDROOM golf course mansion. Full detail, from the ceiling to the floors. Her "CUT" after fees was only $20.00 We live in California and I don't care where you're from because $20.00 to FULLY clean a 4 BEDROOM house (kitchen, living rooms, dining room, 3 bathrooms, closets & hallway/stairs) is ridiculous!

AHarper says: (6 years ago)
I tried Merry Maids.... I have a three room house and at a cost of 133.00... they COMPLETELY ignored the bathroom. I'm talking an extremely clean house and they don't wipe down even the mirror or the sink much less the shower in the bathroom... and the ridiculous thing... they sent TWO people... to a three ROOM BUGALOW!!!!!! A complete rip off. I wouldn't recommend these people to anyone!! DO NOT USE. They promise the same person and different peoppe have come every time.

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